07 August 2015

The Wishy-Washy and the Wishy-Irony

Two unrelated, totally related, non-ironically ironic news items-- as we teeter on the brink of civilization:

Archbishop Cupich will attend the Synod against on the Family

Pope Francis will speak from the lectern used by King Lincoln for the Gettysburg Address

Of course. And of course. Enjoy the ride, folks.


Steve said...

Oh, that's right, I forgot. In addition to holding mainstream Catholics in contempt, you also despise Lincoln. Too bad the Confederacy no longer exists, or you could run for a seat in its congress -- or at least sew its flag in celebration of slavery and hatred (which modern day bigots prefer to term "states rights" and "heritage" -- in case your subscription to their newsletter has lapsed.)

thetimman said...

Don't give me your hate speech, Steve.