31 August 2015

Time to Rally the Faithful

I make no secret of my admiration for The Remnant Newspaper. Michael Matt has done much over the years to bolster the spirits of the traditionally-minded Catholics of the world, to promote the timeless Faith and the timeless Mass of the Church, and to chronicle some very difficult times, and for that he deserves our thanks.  He has always written from the position of one who supports tradition-- i.e., the handed-down faith of our fathers-- in all its forms and locations.  He supports the efforts of all who seek to preserve and promote the faith, whether in the SSPX, FSSP, ICRSS, other traditional groups, or in the novus ordo parishes and orders throughout the world.

He has provided a platform for some of the best Catholic writers and journalists of our times.  He has taken a ton of heat.

As I am a relative newcomer to tradition, I remember first making note of the Remnant's "pan-traditionalism", if you will, when Matt published an editorial calling for full-on support for the efforts of Pope Benedict XVI to restore the faith and liturgy.  This was roughly at the same time that the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, formerly affiliated with the SSPX, decided to reconcile with Rome and their ordinary.  These events weren't linked, of course, I just remember the timeline.  He, like they, took heat.

For my own part, I have always tried to be a "pan-traditionalist" as well, trying to support in my own small way whatever efforts have been made towards the restoration of the Mass and the Faith itself, having much sympathy for the SSPX, though I myself cannot justify my own attendance there at this time.  I am very happy and blessed to have an apostolate of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest nearby, and am thankful to God for it.  Not all have such an attractive option.  Being a member of the Institute has left my conscience free to consider the SSPX questions in a more academic light. Conceivably, of course, I may have to make practical decisions someday, but as it is I am morally sure I am where I need to be. 

Back to Michael Matt.  He has posted an excellent video calling for common effort among us all, whether of the SSPX or the "approved" societies, or of those within the "normal" structure, and for a concord of faith and charity so that we may stand strong in this and more trying times. Differing strategies but the same cause-- that of Christ and His Church.  I can't recommend this video highly enough.  Here is the link.  Please watch it. God bless you.

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