23 October 2015

In the Home Stretch at La Sagrada Familia

Reflecting again on a happy trip of a year ago, I read today that at long last construction has begun on the towers of Mary and of Jesus at Gaudi's masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

I first visited this magnificent church in 1998; when I visited again last year the amount of progress was amazing.  This can be credited to computer modeling and modern construction techniques.  

I tell you, this place wows you.  If you have the means, it is a bucket list must-see.  

The photo above is a model of the project, with the Mary tower above the sanctuary and the Jesus tower smack dab in the middle of the transept, at an awesome height of 566 ft-- almost but not quite as high as the Gateway Arch.  It would be the tallest church steeple in Europe.

The photo below is a pic of the modernista columns and roof , taken in 2014.  It doesn't do it justice, believe me.


Anonymous said...

Of course you were in Barcelona...Whit Stillman!

Jane Chantal said...

This creation really does seem to suggest realms beyond this earth. The same, of course, is true of many of the sublime medieval cathedrals, but Gaudi's work has another dimension to it that I find hard to get my mind around. It has something suggestive of the delicate undulations of deep-sea life, yet also the starkness of the exposed ruins of bombed buildings. I am glad to know that so much progress has been made in its long journey to completion. In the photographs and videos I've seen, I find it awe-inspiring in a way that is somewhat frightening; I wonder how it would feel to experience it as you were able to, Timman.

it's sad that Gaudi's life story and cause for Sainthood aren't better known to Catholics here.