26 October 2015

Synod Reflection: Beatings Will Continue until Morale Improves

Well, the Synod against the Family is past, and despite the sincere efforts, no doubt, of many inside and outside the hierarchy (and these efforts must be acknowledged) the Synod has done its job.

The Synod's Final Relatio provides the mechanism--and the call-- to undermine the family and to give Church sanction to disobedience of the very command of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The delete line I have always put through "against" when discussing the Synod is removed intentionally, above.

That this mechanism encouraging the abandonment of Truth is contained "merely" through a document that has loopholes any blind lawyer could drive a truck through does not alter the reality. In fact, my own take (with a sincere disclaimer that I rely on others' English language translations) is that you need loopholes to read the "problematic" paragraphs to an orthodox conclusion (See discussion of paragraphs 69-71, 75, and 84-86 here).

All in the now besmirched name of mercy. Mercy. What, in the name of Mercy, has mercy ever done to deserve such treatment?

Mercy? Is it merciful to encourage and confirm the breakup of sacramental marriages? Is it merciful to quash whatever slight hopes are harbored in the hearts of children whose parents are separated, civilly divorced, fighting, or just irresponsible that they might yet repair the damage and live their vocation? Is it merciful to encourage sacrilegious Comminion and to accompany dulled consciences to their euthanization?

Is it too much to expect the Church that Christ founded would at the very least refrain from burying the corpse of hope?


Come, all ye who violate the sixth and ninth commandments;

Come, all ye in mortal sin;

Come, all ye who pervert nature and nature's law;

And we, the New Church of Mercy, say unto thee, keep going, pile on sin after sin, add sacrilege to the pile, and enjoy your ride to wherever our indifference in the name of Mercy takes you.

Our Lord condemned the Pharisees for their hardness of heart. The Holy Father has also many times cited this condemnation. But I ask you, is not this document, and the plan behind it, the triumph of the Pharisees? It seems the strategy of Pharisees to call the remaining followers of Christ "Pharisees" in order to escape their own obvious label as Pharisees has been a rousing success.

Brethren, be sober and alert, indeed (1 Peter 5)

One more item for your enjoyment: I saw this early on, and though it is posted at The Remnant and other sites, I direct your attention to this classic "rant" (I say "rant in the common usage only, for it is spot on and free from "raving") by Dr. John Rao. The video starts with some analysis, and then Rao names names, so to speak. If you have an ounce of Catholic sensibility left, you have to see it.

Dear Readers, this is not a post of bitterness or fear, or even of anger. The situation in the Church has entered a new and bizarre phase. It's just my take, it doesn't have to be yours. I prefer to deal with what I think is real than to pretend that the situation isn't grave. The Catholic Church is the One True Church. It will not fail. That doesn't mean foes won't try to destroy her. Quite the opposite.

Keep the faith. Oremus pro invicem.


Anonymous said...

Many people believe we were not provided the facts after Vatican II. I'm concerned we will be treated in the same manner after this synod. RJW

Elizabeth said...

That was a great video with Michael and John Rao. Now you've got to check out THIS one after the Synod, with both of them again. Talk about a rant! In a good way. :)


Long-Skirts said...

"Is it merciful to encourage sacrilegious Comminion and to accompany dulled consciences to their euthanization?"


“the Church as an accompanying mother” (Fr. Thomas Rosica)

Accompany my child
In acts of sin?
You’d have to first boil
Then peel off my skin.

They have free will
But so do I –
And before accompany
In sin, I’ll die.

Before accompany
Their obscene choice
In charity admonish
With a true mother’s voice.

Just like my mother
Did for me
When once I turned
From the Trinity.

When cold and hard
I knelt at her breast
Embraced by her arms
She coaxed, I confessed.

And then the rain
Poured down on me
Shined sun and moon

Not because mother
Accompanied me
In trend-setting sin’s

My stick of a soul
She secured to the Vine
Timeless Tiber rooted
Branching far from the Rhine!

thetimman said...

Thanks, Elizabeth, I was mobile and linked to the wrong video. Yours is the one I wanted-- I have corrected the main post.


Православный физик said...

Keep the Faith, yes....