19 April 2016

God's Grace is Sufficient for Us

No difficulty can arise that justifies the putting aside of the law of God which forbids all acts intrinsically evil. There is no possible circumstance in which husband and wife cannot, strengthened by the grace of God, fulfill faithfully their duties and preserve in wedlock their chastity unspotted.

-Pius XI, Casti Connubii

Truth is beautiful. This little quote from Casti Connubii may be the only refutation needed of the late exhortation.

But Chris Ferrara has more. Much more. Painful but very helpful to read.


thetimman said...

There is so much in the exhortation that is simply contradictory, denigrating, dismissive, and undermining to the Catholic faith as handed down. It is a distressing document nearly certain to result in incalculable evil and the loss of souls. The parsing of the passages confirming Church teaching ( not as well written as the prior formulations they affirm) with those undermining it, reminds me of the great parlor game of interpreting Vatican II with the correct "hermeneutic".

It is time to call spades spades.

Jane Chantal said...

Timman, I agree. We all know that silence in the face of evil allows it to continue and flourish. I believe that Francis has, in effect, been using the unique position he occupies, and the resultant understandable hesitancy of the faithful to believe their eyes and ears, as a kind of "pass", a license to do whatever he pleases -- and it seems sadly but increasingly clear that it pleases him to wage war on the Bride of Christ.

Athelstane said...

Of the exhortation, what Reverend Sherlock once said applies well: "What is new is not good; and what is good is not new."

Nothing said on the subject since by papal authority says it as well or clearly as Pius XI did in Casti Connubii, though there are a few tolerably good bits in Familiaris Consortio.

TLMer said...

This was a rather grim piece by The Remnant. Quite sobering.