24 May 2016

"…but it’s not like we haven’t already figured it out…"

Call it the Hilary White Must-Read Trilogy.  And it's now complete

Of course, she doesn't call it that. It's my own shorthand for three recent posts concerning Reality, the reality of what has happened, where we are, and what if anything to do about it.

IF you are Catholic, or want to be, and IF you really want to deal with the reality of the current mess, and IF you want to know how to be and remain Catholic once you face reality, these three posts make for productive reading.  Well, as much as blog posts can-- no one is saying to throw your bibles or missals or catechisms away.

I'll get to the final installment, but here is a link to the first one, on the road to waking up and the concomitant "tradversion", along with my own post discussing it.

The second one is here, and covers some necessary authors and works to provide the context to our little 50+ year stuff-storm.

And the third, today, in my opinion, marks the perfect post to put a bow on the first two. Using the intended to astound and confound "news" of Msgr. Georg Ganswein's published comments on the "expanded Petrine ministry" caused by the actions and relations and coordination of the Pope and a Bishop dressed in White, 'we had the impression that it was the Holy Father' (roles as yet unconfirmed-- wait for the Third Act!), Miss White does a wonderful job of not being impressed. 

In other words, whatever the game being played, of which we are to be the dupes, she is having none of it.  And in this post, now describing the matters for daily care, now coming back to the mess, now again focusing on the real, she lays out quite the plan for "action" for the faithful remnant.  That is to say, be Catholic, focus on the real, forget the distractions, and pray.

Prayer is the only difference we are going to make here.  It is the only power we have, and it is the task Our Lord has given us.  By praying, we are able to most effectively cooperate with Divine power and grace. And isn't that enough? At the least, if we are not praying very well, what hope have we of acting well?


...Anyway, you know, this speech by Ganswein is pretty damning, to be sure. “An expanded petrine ministry…” Good grief. Seriously, do they actually expect people to buy this crap?

I dunno, maybe he meant to spill it, tell us what was really going on, while still sounding like he was on their side, like it’s a coded message or something. “Everything’s great! It’s just FINE THAT WE HAVE TWO POPES, isn’t it? Right? Wink-wink, nudge nudge… Oh, did I just say that out loud? Heh… ahem…”

Sigh… You know, I’m kind of at the stage when when I hear stuff like this, I’m more inclined to eye-rolls than anything else. Blah blah blah… world’s ending …blah blah… invalid Conclave… blah, blah…two popes … blabbity-blabbity… Great Chastisement… yadda yadda…


As for the anti-pope thing, I’m just going to stick with my original theory: it’s possible Bergugsie is an antipope. It’s possible that Benedict was coerced and this whole resignation thing has been bullshit from the start and the Conclave was a lie that everyone went along with. In fact, I’m going to go so far as to say that I think that’s getting to look more and more likely all the time. But it still isn’t my call to make. I’m officially agnostic on the antipope question.

The doo-doo hit the fan three years ago, and we are in no position, whilst swimming in the midst of it all, to make such determinations. In the history of the Church, these have always been the things that future popes and ecumenical councils have had to work out. Previous ages of chaos have required a lot more work than a blog post to sort out. I’m just glad it’s not going to be my job.


As a Traditionalist Catholic, it’s a great deal easier not to get into a tizzy over it all. I Tradded 13 years ago because the logic attached to the observable facts led to precisely this conclusion. The abandonment of the Principle of Authority and adoption of “make-reality-up-as-we-go-along” Modernism. When you’ve got people who refuse to pay attention to the Logical Principle of Non-Contradiction, who deny ontology, who can’t define “is”… it was going to lead to this exact moment; utter chaos, bad prelates just doing whatever the hell they want, saying whatever the hell they want, despoiling the Church for every nickel they can get, using their Modernist excuses to bugger the choir boys with impunity…

The things I observed 13 years ago were like looking down and seeing that I was standing on a road. It was the work of a moment to look down the length of the road and see where it led, and to say, Erm… no thanks.

So I changed roads. I had to wade through some tall weeds and hike around a bit to find the Old Road, and it was pretty difficult to see, all hidden and ignored as it was and sometimes grown over. But it was there, and seeing it made it possible to look along its length and see that this was where I was supposed to be going; somewhere much nicer than where NOChurch was going....

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Long-Skirts said...


Pope one and Pope two
A mess of a stew
These Vatican men
Have no class

They tell me “You’re Church”
So from where I do perch
I excommunicate their
Fluffy-sad ass!