27 May 2016

"Certainly, almost all Heresiarchs were either bishops or priests"

"...although democracy is absolutely the worst form of government nevertheless, it appears more pernicious for the Church than aristocracy. Accordingly, the worst thing for the Church is heresy: however, heresies are more often excited among the aristocrats, than among the common faithful. Certainly, almost all Heresiarchs were either bishops or priests; therefore, heresies are almost like factions amongst aristocrats, without which there would be no sedition in the Church of the people. But factions never arise more easily or frequently than when aristocrats rule, as can be proved not merely from example, and the testimony of philosophers, but even from the confession of Calvin himself."

--St. Robert Bellarmine, De Romano Pontifice


Long-Skirts said...

Right on!

Elizabeth said...

Well, he certainly knew whereof he spoke. But the question is - what to do when the heresy comes from the very top of the organization?