03 May 2016

Please, Holy Father...

Please, please stop these degrading videos.  They are beyond infra dig.

I read a story today in the UK Mirror, where the Pope was subjected to the vilest abuse on Twitter because he Tweeted this:

“Jesus Christ, the incarnation of God’s mercy, out of love for us, died on the cross, and out of love he rose again from the dead.”

The disgusting comments made to and about the pope at the link above are typical fare you might read in any Post-Dispatch story about the Catholic Church. Dear Holy Father, this is the treatment you get for proclaiming the Gospel. The world hates us, hates Christ, hates His Church, hates the Gospel.

Note what you are saying when the world applauds. It applauds when it sees the spirit of the world being proclaimed.

Please, Holy Father. We are like sheep without a shepherd out here.

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Long-Skirts said...

and not one Muslim woman in a Birka....tsk, tsk, tsk.


If it is right
And wasn't wrong
Our breasts would have been
Five miles long.

So working Moms
Who leave their young
Could nurse at work
No baby clung

To Mommy's arms
That now makes bread
Oh, not that wheat
The green instead

Where printed, "...God we trust",
With zest -
In everything
But Mommy’s breast!