15 June 2016

Christopher Manion Agrees with Me

Not that he knows or cares.  In fact, it might make him rethink his position.  But, for what it's worth, here is his entry at the LRC Blog:

Prediction: It’s Trump v. Biden

Christopher Manion

Why would Rollin’ Eyes Joe write a letter to the Stanford rape victim?

Oh, that’s right. He’s expressed his condolences to Bill Clinton’s victims too… Juanita Broaddrick was effusive in her gratitude to the Vice President for his warm and understanding letter….

Uh-oh – wrong universe.

So what’s really going on?

Joe sends letter to preempt Hillary in defense of women against rich boorish white males (yeah, like Joe. But I digress).

Joe is planning a silent coup. Bernie’s carcass is buried, but to no avail: Hillary’s campaign is beginning to smell like one too.

Superdelegates couldn’t “Feel the Bern” but they’ll switch to Joe in a heartbeat when Hillary’s numher comes up – indictment or no, she’ll be dry, cold toast.

And Joe will be hard to beat: Trump has already engraved “Crooked Hillary” in the nation’s subconscious. But he hasn’t yet patented a “Biden Brand” (although he has hinted, only hinted, that Biden will be his opponent in the fall).

[And then, there's this aside that nails the pornography culture prevalent today and gives an excellent piece of dating advice to young women:]

By the way: Joe’s boorish exploitation aside, the Stanford rape issue is a serious one. A freshman there tells me that porn virtually rules — as it does everywhere else, alas.

The Stanford rapist was merely acting out the “rough porn” that the addict invariably comes to prefer, and then long for. Eventually, he acts out his foul fantasy.

There will be much blather about alcohol, or when “yes” means “yes,” when classes reconvene in September. But there’s a much easier way for girls to maximize their safety:

“Do you do porn? SO LONG, LOSER!”


chantgirl said...

Well, weeding out porn users would considerably shrink the dating pool, although even in our hedonistic culture men still have enough shame to usually hide this vice from girlfriends. Perhaps the better question to ask is "Do you own a smartphone?".

Anonymous said...

I think this could happen too. Now, if national security, radical Islam, remain the top issues, how does Old Joe divorce himself from Obama these past 8 years? Oh, he'll lie through his teeth and obfuscate and all that. I recall how mean and vicious he was in some smart alecky statements he made during his debate w/Paul Ryan in 2012. Ryan is there trying to have serious discussion on substance in the meantime.

Sam said...

You guys have fun with this. We are heading toward a blow-out of historic proportions and you have convinced yourself that everything is cool. I've got to admit it's going to be a little tiresome to listen to your rants for ANOTHER eight years. It's a great country.

thetimman said...

Sam, let's just disagree. But I hope I don't rant about politics so often that you won't stop by. :-(

Sam said...

For the most part, I really enjoy reading your posts--even though you're wrong most of the time. It would be a dull world if everyone always agreed with one another.