14 June 2016

I Address This to All the Righteous Voters Who Wanted Me to Hold My Nose and Vote for McCain and Romney

Tell me again how you are #nevertrump? 

Let me see: I had to vote for a Hindu Mormon polytheist, or a total warmongering liberal neo-con, but not Trump?

What's that? He's personally immoral?  Did you vote for George H.W. Bush? Multiple marriages?  Did you vote for Reagan? McCain? He's been a libertine and a braggart? Did you vote for W? He's not really pro-life at heart?  Did you vote for Romney?

You don't want to vote because the system is rigged, or busted? That I get.  But if you believe that your vote matters, yet won't vote for Trump because your delicate conscience bothers you?  That I don't get.

Back to your telescreens.  Two Minutes' Hate is coming on.


Anonymous said...

Does my vote matter? The first presidential election that I was old enough to vote was 1976. Starting from there, I never voted for Cater, or Reagan; I did vote for George H. W. Bush when he ran for a second term but he lost; I never voted for Clinton; I did vote for George W. Bush but I was living in Illinois at the time and all the electoral votes went to the Democrat; I never voted for Obama. So to sum up, while my vote does matter in local elections, my vote for president has never actually helped whoever was elected president.


Anonymous said...

I do plan to vote for Trump. We are voting for political office. And I doubt my conscience is that delicate. Also, he irritates me a lot less than the current Pope. Still, I think you are a little bit unfair to Ronald Reagan. I suggest the book "How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life" by Peter Robinson.