14 June 2016

I'm with Francis

You read that right.

In a fascinating little news item, Francis just rejected a donation from the President of Argentina to some favored foundation of the Pope's because it contained the digits "666" within the amount-- specifically, 16,666,000 pesos.  Not 666 pesos.  16,666,000 pesos.

Yes, this is weird.  If the amount were an intentional thing, like "I don't like you so my donation will contain the apocalyptic mark of the beast within it," then I'm with the Pope.  I don't want someone playing games with the See of Peter and it's not funny, so stick it, pal.

But, on the other hand, if it is an accidental occurrence like a random currency conversion thing, then I would likely ignore it. In fact, like most Francis gestures, this sure was made public so that all could see it.

Like I said, weird, though I get it. Maybe it strikes a nerve.


Sam said...

I'm serious. As an attorney, how could you possibly vote for Donald Trump after what he said--in public-- about the Indiana judge who is presiding over the case involving Trump University. Do you honestly think a man like that has the temperament to be the President of the United States? Not for a minute am I suggesting that you have to vote for Hillary Clinton. At some point, however, you need to stand up for the administration of justice in this country. It's nowhere near perfect, but it is not something to be mocked.

Sam said...

I apologize. I meant to put this comment under the later post about presidential politics.

M@ said...

You can't possibly be suggesting that it's *now* necessary to make a stand by not voting for the Republican nominee? You must be mocking.