02 June 2016

Like a Slap in the Face with a Wet Fish

While looking for a stock photo, I stumbled across this oldie-but-goodie about taking the kids to the movies.  I repost it here to highight that I used to write better, and apparently was in a better mood.


Jane Chantal said...

It was a priceless post then, and remains so. :-D

And none of us are exactly at our best right now. Coraggio.

The Bear said...

Very nice, and funny. The Bear is also occasionally unearthing older articles from happier times. This pontificate has taken a real toll on us ephemerists. The Bear thinks we can all relate. Just today the Bear quoted to his mate: "He who fights dragons eventually himself becomes a dragon." The Bear cannot keep it up every day anymore, which explains the growing frequency of strange frolic and detours.

JBJ said...

I just figured blogging was a little light because you are at the Catholic Media Conference in STL, right? Were you at the table with Fr. Rosica? Or maybe you were at the table with Steve Skojec, the Rorate crew, Hilary White, and the Bear. hahaha. I know Ann Barnhardt can't be there, we would have heard about the fire alarms going off by now. :)