20 June 2016

Pewsitter and Canon 212 News

Many readers have followed Pewsitter as a faithful Catholic news aggregator.  I would say it had a faithful Catholic editorial bias, with a strong predisposition to traditional Catholic expression. Not long ago, though, the person running parted ways with the site, leaving it in the hands of the former aggregator.  Now, I would classify it as faithul, but a bit neoconservative/neocatholic in its bias. Worth reading, but noticeably different than before.

Well, in good news, the recently departed aggregator has a new site functioning as it did before.  I am happy to link it at right:  Canon212.com.  

Best of luck on the new site, hope it builds traffic quickly.  It isn't like there isn't a need for it in these days of constant change.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Great new catholic news website