15 June 2016

What Do Rodney Dangerfield, Robert Downey, Jr., Sam Kinison and Kurt Vonnegut Have in Common?

They all appeared in the 1986 comedy Back to School, of course. 

After throwing Bob Dylan pearls before Beatles swine for some time now (no offense to you if you like the Beatles, Modernism has had its hold on us for some time now-- Depart from Her!), I'm giving up on culture for a while.

Let us now celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Back to School with this little fluff piece taking you behind the scenes.  

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Anonymous said...

A great film. Hey, both BtS and Ferris have "Twist and Shout" a Beatles song (yes they covered it). Both are great 80s films.

I'd call them iconic, but that word is so over-used. Everything is now iconic; it's meaningless.

Robt Downey Jr: "They closed Sanskrit. There goes my dead language motif." [I hope I have that precise.]