08 July 2016

Begging the Question: Converted to What?

In an apparently laudable sentiment, Pope Francis prays that the hearts of terrorists be converted.

It must be asked, converted to what? In light of His Holiness' apparent tolerance for syncretism, I don't think we can just assume he means converted to the true faith.

If he doesn't mean conversion to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, of which he is the visible head and principle of unity, then what does his statement mean? Short answer: nothing.


Sam said...

Oh I disagree. If a terrorist wants to convert to Christianity, and he or she becomes a non-denominational Christian, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian or some other denomination, that would be great. I expect to meet all those people if by God's grace I get to heaven

Anonymous said...

Yes, makes perfect sense. The pope needs to start demanding that everyone become Catholic.

Jane Chantal said...

Agreed -- however he doesn't merely tolerate syncretism; he promotes it.

Konstantin said...

But only if they are at least members of the Catholic Church "in voto", Sam.