07 July 2016

Bourbon-Dipped Twinkies, or, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Chatting in the Church basement after Mass can lead to all sorts of solutions to life's problems.  This past Sunday, when trying to decide how to handle one of life's latest outrages, a friend suggested that I eat a Twinkie.  Another friend was quick to respond that I tend to find solace in the occasional bourbon instead.

Then it hit me: I need to eat a Twinkie soaked in bourbon.

I'm writing this now for posterity.  First, I want you to be assured that this plan was concocted while sober.  Second, I wanted to memorialize the decision in case this experiment causes me to go blind, or crazy, or slip into a coma from which there is no return.

I plan to "live-blog" this event as it happens, but I don't really know what "live-blog" means. Possibly, the results written in real time might not be all that sensible.

"Why, thetimman? Why? Why do this?"  Because someone has to.

And don't bother me with your southern funk recipes of fried bourbon-soaked Twinkies. I'm not aiming for faux-gourmet here.  I want immediate and unmediated scientific results.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I can attest that deep-fried Twinkies are sublime. Bourbon-soaked Twinkies sound like something that could really catch on. We're just grateful that your friends didn't suggest soaking in a warm bath while making toast.

I still only get down to SFDS about once every couple months and I usually can't stay for the after-Mass shenanigans. If these exciting recipes are the norm, I'll have to make time.


chantgirl said...

You know twinkies can be deep-fried, right?

chantgirl said...

Ok, ignore my apparent inability to read. Shouldn't post before I have my morning fix.

Jane Chantal said...

Can Twinkies soaked in Chartreuse be far behind?

Fr. Andrew said...

2 things:

I think Irish Cream would be better, but perhaps too much like milk.

I'm glad you didn't say Chartreuse.

Looking forward to results.

thetimman said...

Project complete. Events in Dallas make me want to wait a bit before posting such frivolity, but it was shocking.

Steve said...

Then wrap it in bacon :)