26 July 2016

Captain Obvious on the Martyrdom of Fr. Hamel

I suppose it goes without saying that the reaction of Mohammedans, should Catholics ever storm one of their infernal mosques and murder some so-called imam, would be a little more, shall we say, forceful than ours has been?

Can I further suppose that the media and secular governments that ensure our downfall would demand substantive action against Catholics for doing such a thing?

I get that there are many powerful people trying to force some kind of religious, or racial, or class warfare. I get it.  And one of the many, many reasons why Catholics are right is that we don't do that sort of thing.  But man, can we wake up and at least defend ourselves when they come for us?

Whatever the means, there is definitely a war between civilization and barbarism.  It isn't just that barbarism is winning; it is that civilization doesn't even believe in itself enough to fight.


JTLiuzza said...

Step one: stop pretending that it's only "radical" islam that is the problem. It is islam. Period. And it needs to be wiped from the face of the earth once and for all.

Jane Chantal said...

Given the direction in which things are going, I think that public opinion in the West will eventually -- and, I think, reasonably -- favor banning Muslim immigration since 1) Western countries clearly have plenty to reasonably fear from Muslims who already reside within their borders, and 2) it is impossible to know with certainty which Muslim immigrants intend harm to Westerners, and which do not. (Sorry for stating what folks with a keen grasp of the obvious already know.)

I happen to think that it is sad that such measures will be necessary, because I believe that there are honorable, decent and civilized people in the world who identify themselves as Muslim.

In the meantime, I hope that this latest atrocity has clued French authorities in to the fact that obviously dangerous people need to be removed from the streets, not merely given a bracelet and sent out to play.

And (as a world-class trouble-borrower) I wonder if some would-be Muslim immigrants, faced with a ban on Muslim immigration, may decide to lie about their religious affiliation in order to be allowed in.

Anonymous said...

Ah, we still love broad generalizations. Does anyone on this site actually try to get into the mindset of the 1.7 billion Muslims? Might they try to see history from their eyes? Should we start with the Crusades, where Catholics pillaged and plundered the wealth from these "pagans?" Might we consider how the US fed arms to Iraq, and military intelligence to Iran in hopes of keeping the Iran/Iraq war going as long as possible? Or "W"s invasion of Iraq that immediately killed 200,000 and ultimately resulted in over 1 million deaths? How the US is the only country in the world not to challenge Israel's ongoing expansion of Palestine and mass punishment of an entire population in retaliation for the acts of a few wanton individuals? The list goes on.

Just when I think this blog can't get any worse, I read the reply from JTLiuzza who is advocating for the annihilation of 1.7 billion people. Oh, but it is in God's name, I assume, so it is okay. (But if done in Allah's name, it is not.)


JBQ said...

"The barbarians are inside and there are no gates". Mark Steyn "On Paris" 2013.