13 July 2016

Corrected Headline

As part of my ongoing public service apostolate, here is a more accurate headline to a story on Cardinal Sarah's efforts to introduce a modicum of liturgical order into the mess of the novus ordo:


Long-Skirts said...


You can do the hokey-pokey,
You can turn yourself around,
You can say, “All’s okie-dokey
I was lost but now am found.”

You can Tango at the Masses
With your LGBT group,
You can even bring your doggies
And your scooper for their poop.

You know they’re doing wrong
And they’re preaching what’s not true,
But you’re their captured audience
Just sitting in their pew.

Yes, you are an audience,
A group, not separate souls,
The crowd who roars for these men
In narcissistic roles.

While down-a-road there are young men,
Real Roman Catholic Priests,
They have no ticket box office
Like smelly greasepaint beasts.

The Producer sent a Director,
Who rehearsed them dusk to dawn…
Say Mass without strife, daily lay down their life,
For they know that “The show must go on!!”

Pete said...

I like reading Austin Ruse when he takes on Patheos and Shea. Ruse has offended the righteous Shea once again this week. Good times.

Anonymous said...

IN ONE PLACE: Domine et Ecclesia contra #AmorisLaetitia; Petitions: To the Pope; To all Catholic Bishops - https://thewarourtime.com/2016/07/14/pro-domine-et-ecclesia-et-pontifice-contra-amorislaetitia-petitions-to-the-pope-to-all-catholic-bishops/