08 July 2016

Help Me, Lord, for I Am Weak

Sometimes I can't help myself.  The above screenshot shows what happened when I tried to comment on one of Mark Shea's frequent public love letters to Simcha Fisher (Trigger Warning: link will take you to something Mark Shea wrote). I suppose the blocking dates back to when I tried to help out Mark and Simcha with a blog post suggestion.

I know I should just ignore them, but it's like seeing the bearded lady at the circus. I can't look away!

Keep up the good work, you crazy kids!


Wendy in VA said...

Thank you for the laugh! It was much needed today.

Pete said...

I saw Shea was back. One either has to laugh at them or be disgusted.

I still don't know what a Simcha is.

Maybe we'll name the next one Simcha Shea. What a nice ring that has! (sarc)

The Bear said...

I'd pass on the freak show and proceed directly to the Bear act. You may not be edified, but at least you'll get to see a Bear riding a unicycle. Now, as a professional Bear, I would suggest that your prey drive might be set too low. I would try the 50% setting and see if that helps. You want it where you don't ever go to Mark Shea's website, but would still chase him if he blundered by.

Hildebrandon said...

I decided to ignore the trigger warning and add the comment that Shea's knee-jerk "butchering" assessment has all the facts wrong, but what can one expect from an empty-headed neo-Catholic?


Pete said...

Bear doesn't have Name/URL commenting (hint, hint!), so I will make this point here, if you don't mind.

I watched the last segment of the ESPN OJ series a few weeks ago. It was riveting, frankly. (White society rejected him after his acquittal. He sunk to the dregs of society.) A line by a white Hollywood producer former OJ pal has stuck with me since. We were warned 20 years ago and didn't pay attention. The guy said he was shocked by the resentment that black people had toward whites. He/We had no idea until we saw the cheering crowds of blacks when OJ was acquitted.

As Bear noted, there is mutual distrust between LEOs and black Americans, justified or not. We cannot tolerate violence and a disregard for the law and officers. What are we to do about this problem? I have some of my own opinions. I know white teens who got smart with police and were roughed up. It's not all about race to cops. You don't debate w/a cop. I would think that "the talk" is not bad for kids of any race or income. "The talk" should be about respecting authority.

The Riopel Family said...

On another note, I am going to try to link to a news article (try!) about a seminarian that our diocese (Wichita) lost today. Please post this and pray for his body to be found and prayers for his soul and his family. Thanks and God Bless!

Athelstane said...

It was disappointing to see Mark return to blogging again. It's really not healthy for him.