02 July 2016

July 3-4, 1863: The Beginning of the End of Self-Governance in America

July 3, 1863: Pickett's Charge fails; the Army of Northern Virginia is defeated at Gettysburg.

July 4, 1863: Vicksburg falls after a lengthy siege, splitting the Confederacy in two; the North assumes full control of the Mississippi river.

Think of these events while you are lamenting the federal implementation of the anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-freedom agenda of these days.

Enjoy your weekend!


The Celt said...

Nice to see a fellow traditional Catholic taking the correct view of that war. Too bad my ancestors (one of whom was on the field at Gettysburg on July 3rd) weren't Catholic too.

God bless, brother.

Sam said...

Revisionist History 101. Available on select right wing blogs.

Long-Skirts said...


Happy Fourth!
Happy Fourth!
Always a Catholic
Firtht of courth.

Happy Fourth
And I say – eth
We’re no descent
Of Henry the eigh – eth!

Happy Fourth
U – S – A
Priests say Latin
Mass each day!

Happy Fourth!
“Latin what??!!”
A firecracker
Up Henry’s…

But… Happy Fourth
Hank’s in his grave
The One, True, Faith
Still frees the brave,

So Happy Fourth
Of God’s July,
In the U – S – A
A Catholic I’ll die!

Woody said...

A personal Fourth of July favorite is assisting at Holy Mass at Saint Anthony's Monastery in Kennebunkport, Maine, and listening to Fr.,John Bacevicius OFM, deliver his Fourth of July Jeremiad. One year his theme was the covenantal relationship between God and. a favored nation such as ours, and the resulting adultery that comes from refusing to follow His commandments, with the collective punishment that is to follow. Another year it was based on Ezekiel 9, and the need to bear the mark of sorrow and repentance for the sins of the people.

Jane Chantal said...

Amen, Long-Skirts!