27 July 2016

Man Up

Fr. Rutler has a well-written post (as usual) with the call for the West to defend itself against the infidel and to abandon the weakness brought on by moral degeneration. Excerpt:

This is not obscure trivia: Were it not for Charles Martel at Tours in 732 and Jan Sobieski at the gates of Vienna in 1683 — and most certainly had Pope Saint Pius V not enlisted Andrea Doria and Don Juan at Lepanto in 1571 — we would not be here now.  No Western nations as we know them — no universities, no modern science, no human rights — would exist.

In the ninth century, the long line of martyrs of Cordoba told the Spanish Umayyad Caliph Abd Ar-Rahman II that his denial of Christ was infernal, and that they would rather die than surrender. Saint Juan de Ribera (d. 1611) and St. Alfonsus Liguori (d. 1787) repeated the admonition that the concept of peace in Islam requires not co-existence but submission.

The dormancy of Islam until recent times, however, has obscured the threat that this poses — especially to a Western civilization that has grown flaccid in virtue and ignorant of its own moral foundations.


Jane Chantal said...

God bless Fr. Rutler!

traddadof4 said...

Jan Sobieski had a few faults, including being a Mason. I'm sure there were Polish Catholics of the time who refused to support him and instead held out for Tadeusz Krzyż.