19 July 2016

My Two Cents on the Cardinal Sarah Affair: the Ultimate Result of the Fracas is Very Good Indeed

I don't apologize for having a real job, I guess, though it makes timely commentary sometimes impossible.  On the other hand, a busy schedule stops my normal impulse of spouting off right away before the dust settles. At times, many times maybe, a blessing for us all.

But I did want to chime in on the call by the head of the CDW, Cardinal Sarah, for ad orientem worship in the novus ordo, and the aftermath, with what I have long believed is an absolute requirement for fixing the mess in the Church using the tools God gave us.

To recap: Robert Cardinal Sarah, whose dicastery has responsibility for the celebration of the sacraments, including of course Holy Mass, very gently--too gently, methinks-- asked priests to implement (slowly, very slowly) ad orientem worship in the ordinary parish setting. If you are not familiar with the term, ad orientem means "toward the East"-- in practical terms, the priest and the congregation facing the same direction during the Mass, towards God, and not facing each other down in the banal, off-Broadway cooking show musical that most Catholics know. 

I never want to badmouth any attempt at reverence in the liturgy, or trying to improve the novus ordo if one has to endure it. So my first inclination was to think, "Well, that's nice, doesn't mean much because no one will pay attention, and also because that ship sailed about forty years ago."  Part of the now dead-as-a-door-nail reform of the reform movement.  I thought of the Titanic (another blogger, I can't remember whom, has already written something like what follows, so I'll note that because I don't want to be accused of stealing ideas): "Sure, first officer of the Titanic, the ship is sinking fast, but yes, rearranging these deck chairs so we all face the same direction would marginally improve the experience."

But, like I said, a good notion as far as it went.

However that may be, the real education came with the overwhelming condemnation of this modest appeal by the Vatican and its now-familiar propaganda arms. Cardinal Nichols of Westminster took pains to explain to his priests that none of them should consider such a cheeky move. Even the Bishop of Podunk, Arkansas (if I remember the see correctly) wrote a dramatic and snippy letter to his priests that he would be most displeased if any of his priests should even consider such a thing. I don't know where a bishop in Podunk could reassign a disobedient priest as a punishment, but there it is.

Furthermore, the late, great Fr. Lombardi, who explains away every papal malfeasance, put the kibosh on the Sarah appeal by typically distorting the relevant conciliar and rubrical instructions. You see, the rubrics of the novus ordo itself assume that the priest celebrates ad orientem and at times during the Mass it instructs the priest to turn and face the people.  Look it up.

The situation in which we find ourselves these days boggles the mind. They can't discipline heretics; they can't uphold marriage; they can't stop liturgical dancing.  But oh boy! they can stop ad orientem worship. And they can kill it even when it is called for--expected, in the liturgical law itself.

So ends the affair. But, does it really? Is there any good news here? 

I maintain there is good news: the mask is all the way off.  The curtain is all the way down. There stands the Great Oz, the humbug, for all to see.

The Reform of the Reform is dead. Long live the true Mass!

I have many friends who assist at the novus ordo, and I speak now to them. You are not bad Catholics. You are not second-class citizens. I claim no exalted status by the accident (or blessing, if you will)  of having found the traditional Mass. 

I say: You have not let the Church down, but her leaders have let you down. You deserve so much better. You deserve the Mass that has been handed down for more than 1,500 years. You deserve the Mass that has formed our greatest saints. 

Do not prop up this travesty anymore. Come out of her! 

For not only do you deserve better, but in an infinitely greater amount, God deserves better. He deserves our best and highest worship. Can we not give Him that?

The novus ordo regime has decimated the Church and must be stopped. Nothing is going to be fixed until it is GONE.

There are only two choices now, taking each side to its logical conclusion: full liberty for every individual to do and act as they please and call it Catholicism, or else we accept and embrace the whole and entire Catholic faith established by Christ and handed down from the apostles.

The whole and entire faith includes, requires, and presumes the whole and entire Mass.

Cardinal Sarah and his enemies, albeit unwittingly, have given us the gift of clarity. Let us make use of this gift and act accordingly.


Lynne said...

For all of the above but especially this..." God deserves better. He deserves our best and highest worship. Can we not give Him that?"

It's dead, Jim. (obscure Star Trek reference)

donalmahoney said...

I can only hope that some day we will see the demise of the Novus Ordo but it may take a pope like Sarah, a Burke without the baggage, to begin to make that happen.

As much as I would like to see the Latin Mass return, I see nothing but love among laity and clergy alike for the Novus Ordo at three churches I frequent. Too mamy Novus Ordo Catholics today are uncatechized of have forgotten what they learned and they are happy that way and no one is disabusing them of that position. They follow their consciences.

I have no idea what is being taught in most Catholic schools and have no way to find out. For that reason, Beyond Sunday is beyond me. What proof do we have that the Novus Ordo effect has not also infected our Catholic schools?

Nice to see the author of this blog suffer a litle heartburn again. Someone has to break the silence. Pray that Sarah does nothing more to take on Burke’s baggage. Or we might be looking at Wuerl or Cupich the next time white smoke rises over the Vatican.

Robert Weir said...

I assume you are referring to the Diocese of Little Rock and our Bishop Anthony Taylor. Why don't you take a flying leap, you pompous ass.

John said...

What is Burke's baggage? I'm not familiar with this.

thetimman said...

Robert Weir,

Ha! I guess when I take that leap, I'll be facing the people.

Blessings to you!

c matt said...

Thankfully, Wuerl (aka Hurl) and Cupich are American, so the likelihood of red shoes is next to nil.

Anonymous said...

Now we have to face east...One more step toward the Islamification of the west.

M. Prodigal said...

Yes, God deserves better and the faithful do as well. At least this conversation has come into the open and whether people agree with C. Sarah or don't, I am glad it is being talked about and that thought about. No bishop should across the line 'forbid' (he can't) his priests from implementing in some way the ad orientem.

50 years ago a 'new mass' was imposed on an unsuspecting faithful with disastrous results. We cannot turn back the clock or recapture the millions of souls who have left the church but we can begin to make some progress in the right direction (so to speak) because as we worship so shall we believe.