28 July 2016

The Other Major Problem Facing Us All

At least here in St. Louis, that is. The menace of which I speak haunts us, as Shakespeare has the King of France say, "in our familiar parts"-- the roadways of our fair city.

Danger. Accidents. Lives ruined, or maybe just bummed out.

I'm talking about the greatest danger to good driving that exists:

The Joy 99.1 FM Sticker Joymobile.

No doubt you have seen these remorseless predators driving, parking and idling around town. What driver doesn't seek to put as much distance between themselves and a Joymobile whenever encountered?

Though this publication is not known for serious journalism, the Riverfront Times has posted a helpful article about the menace: 

There you are, driving along and carefully minding your own business, when suddenly one of your fellow motorists does something stupid, putting the lives of everyone they share the road with in imminent peril. Acting quickly, you narrowly avoid calamity. As the offending motorist speeds off, oblivious, you instinctively check the back of their car. It has a 99.1 "Joy" FM sticker on the back.

Every. Single. Time.

Joy FM is a Des Peres-based radio station with a contemporary Christian format, and its bright, oval-shaped bumper stickers can be found on vehicles owned by horrible drivers all over the St. Louis metro area, replacing Illinois license plates as the roadways' most ominous harbinger of imminent vehicular doom.

Not only does the author sum up the problem nicely, he points readers to a facebook support page for those victimized.

Thanks, RFT. Readers, be careful out there!


Jane Chantal said...

As one who is in perpetual mourning for St. Louis's original classical music station -- the irreplaceable "Classic 99" -- I can only love this :-)

Peggy said...

Here, here,jane. I roll my eyes at the ones on catholic's cars. The station's music is no longer Catholic. Great post timman.

JBQ said...

JOY FM is a very disturbing replacement for Classic 99. Albert Pujols was involved. He then skipped town. The replacement for the classical station which has sprung up with most of the old DJs is not nearly as good.