08 August 2016

Barbarian Blogpost

If you haven't read it yet, I heartily recommend The Barbarian Bible, authored by a Catholic writer under the nom de plume Ianto Watt. It is a book that purports to give the correct historical lens to interpret history and current events, by trying to track it through four main groups (each of which has an imposter group that attempts to ape it) whose functions never change-- though their identities sometimes do.

The book succeeds, in my opinion, very well indeed.  Fascinating stuff. It is not designed to be an intellectual treatise; it is a fun and irreverent look at history stripped of the ideological filters the schools and media have used for years. A very informative book, and its author's opinions on history and predictions of what may come are very interesting indeed.

Well, a reader sent me a link to a guest post of Watt's at another blog on the Turkish "coup"/Mohammedan situation of the moment. It's worth a read.


William M Briggs said...

Thanks, Louis!

I sent the link on to Ianto.

Anonymous said...

Ianto is a genius. I first met him when I was a student and he was a business owner. He called me up to go to hear a pro-abortion speaker talk so we could all challenge her. Ianto got himself thrown out. I had to listen to the stupid political speech. To use Donald Trump's favorite word, it was "dumb." Amazing the places I'd go to the trouble to get thrown out of after that. I'm not kidding.

The book is seriously good. It is prophetic. His study was intense. I am amazed at his research on the book. And there had to be so much prayer that went into it.