10 August 2016

Sustenance for the Age of Hooper

"The claims she makes are superhuman, as are her demands, and they cannot be reconciled with lasting happiness in a world made by men like Mottram for the comfort of men like Hooper." -- John Zmirak, on Lady Marchmain as an allegory of the Church, in Brideshead Revisited

I stumbled upon this old post from 2009 that ran in full, with some emphases of my own, a Zmirak review of Brideshead Revisited by the great Evelyn Waugh. I'm glad I posted it, because the original link to the review is now dead. I should think that every Catholic ought to read this book once a year until the world ends. It is so poignant, so true. It is a chronicle of the decline and fall of the West, the fall of the visible structures of tradition within and without the Church, and of the fall of each of us. And yet it stands for the restoration and salvation of all of the above, due to the steadfastness and sovereignty of Christ.  

Read the review linked above. And then read the book.

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