02 August 2016

To Reiterate

If you are in the habit of asking, "Can it get any worse?", know that it can (note Phyllis Zagano's presence on this phony commission, as if any of that mattered anyway).  And likely will.

If you are in the habit of asking, "How long will this go on?", know that it will only end when the Lord or His Mother take direct action. Not a second before. No one on this earth, certainly not any Cardinal, Bishop, Priest, Blogger or, shall we say, Pope Emeritus, is going to fix this.

As Hilary White would say, we are well and truly effed.

Except that God is sovereign, and we know how this ends.  It ends well, however few of us will be left to see it.

1 comment:

Christophe said...

The Long Defeat, asTolkien would call it.