16 August 2016

Two More Items of Interest Involving Cardinal Burke

He is not idle. His style has never been aggressive or flamboyant-- and most of all he does nothing for the mere sensation of attracting attention to himself. Do I wish he would lead a group of Swiss Guardsmen into the Vatican and kick some butt? Sure. But Cardinal Burke is doing what he does, and leading by example. Two more items I've been meaning to blog about, both from Lifesite News:

1. Lifesite has issued a Credo for Catholic Families, a short statement of faith describing what used to be taken as obviously Catholic articles of belief on family issues.  You may sign to support this credo here.  Cardinal Burke has signed it, one of only three bishops who so far have done so. I have it on good authority that the blogger who writes Saint Louis Catholic has also signed. Now it's big time. Here is the credo in its entirety:

Credo of Christ’s faithful families:

1. We believe that marriage was created by God and raised by Christ to the dignity of a Sacrament for the baptized. Marriage is, of its nature, a bond between one man and one woman, freely entered, faithful, indissoluble, and open to life.

2. We believe that sexual intercourse is of its nature procreative and unitive, and exclusively reserved for marriage.

3. We believe that the unchaste misuse of sexual intercourse is radically harmful to body, soul and civilization.

4. We believe that due to our fallen nature we must safeguard chastity with custody of the eyes and modesty of dress and behaviour.

5. We believe that children have the right to be conceived in the loving union of a husband and wife.

6. We believe that parents, by virtue of their gift of life and love to their children, have the absolute primary right and non-renounceable duty to educate and protect them.

7. We believe that human life must be protected from the moment of conception until natural death.

Because the happiness, freedom, salvation and very existence of our families and those of our children depend upon these God-given truths, we expect the Catholic hierarchy and Catholic institutions to teach them unanimously. We pledge to uphold these truths and stand against their being undermined by silence, ambiguity or falsehoods.

2. Thinking of walking from Fatima to Santiago de Compostela? OK, maybe that's just me. But you may have heard something about Our Lady of Fatima at some point in your life, yes? You may have heard that she promised a ton of misery if man continued to provoke God, and we sure have seen a ton of misery in the last century, yes? You know 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the apparitions, yes? That the tension in the world and the Church seems almost unbearable, yes? That her Immaculate Heart will triumph, yes?

Well, Cardinal Burke is putting himself right in the middle of the action, just one month before the anniversary of the first apparition. His Eminence will be in Fatima for the International Fatima Summit from April 4-8, 2017. Information here.  

And after you hit Fatima, why not walk to Santiago?

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