09 August 2016

We Are Not Damned. We Still Have Time. Think of That!

God bless Michael Matt, for all the good work he does, but particularly today for a beautiful piece he posted at The Remnant urging all Catholics of good will to hope and be of good cheer.  We know how this ends.


Like you, I’m sick to death of reading and writing about the latest scandals out of Rome, where our poor benighted pontiff seems hell-bent on undermining everything we hold sacred. If history provides us with a better example of the shepherd siding with the wolves I’d like to know what it is. But this doesn't change what we must do.  The task God sets before us now is the same as the one He set before Agnes, Barbara, little Lucy, Thomas More and all the rest — keep the old Faith despite the executioner's axe and the myriad scandals of the day, and never join the company of those who’ve abandoned all hope, the very definition of the damned.

We are not damned. Think of that! For us there is still time—this time, our time!—and therefore every reason to hope and to go on and to fight and to love and laugh and to live in the company of those who know Christ. Regardless of the antics of Pope Francis amidst the diabolical disorientation that so obviously afflicts our Church, our job is to do what Catholics have always done—to know, love and serve God. And despair plays no part in that.

“Wait upon the Lord,” St. Bernard of Clairvaux tells us, “be faithful to His commandments; He will elevate your hope, and put you in possession of His Kingdom. Wait upon Him patiently; wait upon Him by avoiding all sin. He will come, doubt it not; and in the approaching day of His visitation, which will be that of your death and His judgment, He will Himself crown your holy Hope. Place all your hope in the Heart of Jesus; it is a safe asylum; for he who trusts in God is sheltered and protected by His mercy.”

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Peggy said...

Two things:

1. An article I read this week said that Francis' own parents were divorced. I find no biographical confirmation of this.

2. Our Belleville bishop has his moment in the sun calling the Catholic Church racist, not caring about black lives...bla, bla.

Sorry...I guess I should get a blog or something ;^D