28 September 2016

Apocalypse Now

Francis won't resign, can't be fired.

Matheny won't resign, can't be fired.

Public adulterers get to commit sacrilege as Church policy.

Cubs favorites to win World Series.

Stock up on rice, blessed candles, and holy water, because here it comes!


Fr. Andrew said...


Peggy said...

Don't you know they're still getting the hang of things on the field. They have to work harder on this and that. But so-and-so is really learning and coming along. In the last week of the season, we still hear this crap.

Overweight and over 30 guys gotta go.

Matheny is like Pickett: "I have no pitching." Can't say much for the fielding or inconsistent hitting either. I revise: "I have no team."

He wrote the book on little league. Maybe that's where he needs to be. If they get lucky and make playoffs, they'll get destroyed quickly.
Yeah, and I guess we ought to worry about that Francis guy too. I have a rag tag bunch in PSR this year. I suddenly decided we were going to learn OF, HM, and GB in Latin as our goal this year. The kids are excited about it. Pass on our heritage that's been lost. I told my mom we need her generation to tell us and the younger people/kids what used to be done. We need it back.

Long-Skirts said...

Is it ok to get a tubal now?

PMKD said...

"Dogs and cats, living together; mass hysteria!"
-Dr. Peter Venkman

thetimman said...

Fr. A,

Gotta eat something, right?


Barn door.

Unknown said...

I hate losing to the Reds.

Fr. Andrew said...

I thought, in the face of coming disasters- such as storms- St. Louisians (sp?) made french toast, hence all the bread, milk and eggs boughten in such times.