25 September 2016

For the Love of God and the Holy Virgin

To complete the record to date, here is part III of the joint Remnant-CFN liber of accusation against Francis. I give them credit for their meticulous efforts, and lament the fact that it is also necessary to have been done. There is a great need for leadership from the college of Cardinals and from local bishops. This is a truly unprecedented situation-- who knows where we will be even a year from now should the Pope not defend the faith once more.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


nancyv said...

Thanks for the installment. Man alive, they are being bashed for bashing the Pope and I got bashed on another site for unabashedly saying "who are we to judge? in defense of the bashers. I am grateful to consider all sides, but mostly the ones that make sense in truth. I am tired of the elephant (poor elephant) in the room denial. Again, thank you.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"With burning concern" sounds like they are thinking of an Encyclical entitled Mit brennender Sorge?