16 September 2016

Just in Case: a Note for the Fatima File

Lost in the well-deserved angst over Pope Benedict XVI's bizarre commentary on the questions surrounding his putative abdication and his assurances of approval of the evil wrought by his putative successor, is a third possibility as to its cause.  I just want to note it in case it comes to pass, and in the hope that he can square his actions with the notion that he is a holy man who accomplished a great good in his pontificate, especially via Summorum Pontificum.

We know of the Fatima prophecy of the Bishop in White. We see there are two such-clothed persons walking the earth at the moment, one of whom is the pope. The other?

Anyway, in charity to Pope Benedict I just want to note for the record the bare possibility that he is acting on the express instructions of Our Lady, as a part of her impending triumph. That for whatever reasons of heaven, he is to be eclipsed, reviled, and the Church laid bare to her enemies. That in some way it will serve the plans of God and that Our Lady's triumph will be the greater.

There, that's it. How likely the possibility is, you may answer for yourself. But if it were true, and he is so doing, think of the gall he suffers in seeing the Church attacked, not being able to do anything about it, and being slandered and abused in the process. Everything being destroyed around him, without any means of defending himself or us.  IF that were true, I would want him to know that at least one person holds it as a possibility and that I continue to pray for him.

Because every other possibility, all of which are to visible eyes more likely to be true by a factor of a hundred, makes his abdication, attempted or real, a disaster for which he appears quite culpable.

And of course, we couldn't prove this alternative theory until the triumph of the Immaculate Heart comes to pass, a triumph of which we are assured.  Who knows where we will be then? Here? Heaven or hell?

Back to your normal concerns.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


Lynne said...

Okay, this is a possibility. Thank you, I have been entertaining uncharitable thoughts towards him lately.

A Seminarian's mother said...

Thank you for this post. In all charity and with due respect for supernatural realities that are far beyond our understanding, it is important to Include this scenario as a possibility. Add me to the list of those who agree with you.

Laurel said...

May I respectfully suggest another explanation? I would suggest that Pope Emeritus Benedict may be experiencing one of the problems associated with aging, that is failing mental health (dementia). I say this because I had a hand in taking care of three relatives who died in their 80's. My mother, especially, would say things that would sound quite convincing to nurses, doctors and social workers but were pure fantasy. She could be very pleasant and sedate but she lived in another reality. She died at 86. My aunt, as well, was always pleasant with a smile on her face but sometimes said things that you wondered where they were coming from in her mind. My uncle, who died at 82, was very secretive and never told us that he was a third order Franciscan. I found that out when one of his friends asked me if I buried him in his habit! I bring all this up because the Pope Emeritus is almost 90 years old. I have read some of his most recent statements and I was brought back to my own experiences with my relatives. I can believe that on the surface he seems fine but perhaps no one will or wants to believe he is failing mentally. I am not a doctor or health care professional so I cannot prove what I am writing here. I cannot render a diagnosis. This suggestion only comes from my own personal experiences.

thetimman said...

Thanks, Laurel, for another depressingly more likely scenario. 😟

CurmudgeonKC said...

And the other possibility (which seems unlikely but also not impossible) is that Ratzinger said none of the things that are attributed to him...that it is a pure fabrication by his handlers. That wouldn't lesson his culpability in resigning much, but it would explain the odd tone he is now striking.

susan said...

While a desire for Charity is always laudable, is not a recognition of reality and use of reason not also necessary?

serious question....if Benedict abdicated due to instructions from the Blessed Mother, fully knowing the horrors francis would unleash upon the Church and the flock, would it not be incumbent upon him to then do what he said he would do?...retire from the world and spend the remainder of his days hidden and in prayer, begging for a quick resolution so that the greatest number of souls could be saved in the chaos? Instead, we've seen a very active, mentally agile and sharp 'emeritus', teaching and entertaining his former students and giving interviews. His closest, most intimate friend and personal secretary clearly stated recently the emeritus's primary intent to bifricate the papacy, in direct contradiction to Christ's institution of a single-headed divinely instituted rock. A personal, man-made 'development', if you will.

Instead of living his remainder as a praying contemplative in a black cassock (which evidently still can't be found anywhere in Rome in his size), we've had Benedict making numerous public appearances (in white), extolling the praises of Francis, for his 'freshness' and 'joy', feeling 'safe in his shadow', and various other lauds for all the great work he's doing in tearing down the Deposit of Faith.

I don't expect him to lead a 10th crusade against francis certainly, but neither do I expect him to obsequiously praise and verbally fete the abusive father who is daily, and increasingly, beating the sheep with a jagged flagrum. He has become complicit in, and approving of, the abuse, and that is perhaps an even greater pain than that meted out by francis. I don't think any of this will make our Lady's triumph more radiant; I think it just makes Benedict more pitiful. He isn't being 'despised and reviled' for his faithfulness (as spoken of in the Beatitudes); he's rather being despised and reviled for his perfidious betrayal. I had admired and loved him greatly, thinking that 'Benedict had fought Ratzinger' and won, out of understanding of and love for the gravity of his Office. A modern-day Becket. Now it would appear that the peritus Ratzinger was there all along; now joyful to be 'out', and being rather loquacious about it.

You said, "...think of the gall he suffers in seeing the Church attacked, not being able to do anything about it, and being slandered and abused in the process. Everything being destroyed around him, without any means of defending himself or us." With all due respect...are you kidding me??? He is utterly serene, according to all in his inner circle, at total peace. He is, by his own words, approving of all the destruction francis is reveling in. And if anyone in the entire world has the means to put a stop to it (or at least throw a monkey wrench into the gears) if he wanted to, it would be Benedict...one word. But no...the rape continues while he watches and approves...serene and at peace. That is no glory to Our Lady. It is rather the abuse of her in the mystical realm.

And yes...I pray for him. He did in fact give us Summorum; as Paul VI gave us Humanae Vitae; as Caiaphas gave us an accurate prophesy; as Pilate opened the way to the Cross.

While I appreciate what you're trying to say and do here, I've just gotta say, sentimentality and romantisized wishful thinking is just going to take us further into the rabbit hole. Trusting in God doesn't mean we have to ascribe gnostic, noble motives to someone who's made abundantly and explicitly clear his actual motives. Trusting in God means looking squarely at reality as it is and saying, 'Lord, I can't make heads or tails out of this, and I am aching to the core of my being, but 'though He slay me, yet I will trust'. To whom shall I go? Jesus, I trust in You. Maranatha Lord."

Peggy said...

Wasn't life better when you could have some degree of trust in our government and faith and confidence in our Church? And the real important issues of the day were how bad the pitching and managing are?

"Yeah, that was really great!"

Lepanto said...

This same thought occurred to me just a few days ago. I suppose that we need to see the state of the Church and this was obscured to some extent while Pope Benedict reigned. Now we see what was being said and done furtively being said and done openly by one of the bishops, now Pope, who 'did his own thing' and now advises everyone to follow his example.

Mary said...

Perhaps, it is just as he says. He did not want the Church to go through years of his failing health. He had faith that the Lord is in charge and he gave himself over to that faith. His personal history is rife with "walking away". Each time he was judged for it. He deserted, he left Bonn, he left Muster, he left Tubingen. Each time he had a reason. Each time he is accused he stays silent really. But each time didn't something good come of it? I would say his resignation is in keeping with his past. Has he not always carried the cross he was given and was abused for it? I, for one, am tired of the flogging he was given, and is still is given for doing what he thought was the right thing to do.

I miss him. I don't like Francis but I have faith that the Lord is in ultimately in charge. Is this not the message of Fatima after you boil it all down. There will be suffering but the Lord is in charge. Perhaps we are learning that we must each be vigilant and not leave it to others, in particular, the Pope.

Dymphna said...

"The bishop in white"... there are two other possibilities. The first is that Sr. Lucia never said this. Some good Catholics think that Vatican powerbrokers were horrified by the the real final vision and falsified what we were told. The second is an observation I read some time ago that bishops in white don't have to be the pope. Any priest in a tropical climate could wear white. At any rate something is wrong with Benedict. He's either senile, under duress or he's fine because he was a modernist all along who seemed traditional because he found the excesses of modernism to be in bad taste.

Anonymous said...

Now that you mention the tropical thing....

Marcel Lefebvre was a Bishop in white for a time in French Africa, wasn't he?