22 September 2016

"My Dad was a small business!": Shrill-Shrieking Harpy Finally Loses It

If this person's agenda were something different than to destroy Western Civilizaton generally, and the United States of America specifically, I would feel worse about posting this. As it is, there can't be a single voter in this country who would be more likely to vote for her after seeing this video, so why not share it far and wide?

She crazy.


Scott Woltze said...

She just put Saturday Night Live out of business.

So she's got that going for her.

newguy40 said...

I don't know from crazy. But, she is certainly having some sort of manic health crisis.

I cannot imagine being hectored by this woman for 8 years, can you?

thetimman said...

Sadly I can imagine it; it would be eerily similar to being hectored by our current pontiff.

c matt said...

Very few people have true charisma, most have at least a little. This person has the most "anti-charisma" I have ever seen. No wonder her campaign has been keeping her out of the public eye. If this is how she is going to be in the debates, she will be crushed regardless of content.