20 September 2016

"Of course we are nothing in the scheme of things, and yet...": The Remnant and Catholic Family News Level Public Accusation against Francis

This is a three-parter, with issue one here, by two of the most well-known and longstanding traditional Catholic news outlets. I can well believe there are three issues' worth of accusations; no serious Catholic can fail to have been scandalized, outraged, chagrined, embarrassed, discouraged or otherwise negatively-affected by some few or many things Francis has done. 

Part one doesn't even tackle the worst of it.  Still, it is heady business to have to feel compelled to publicly call out the putatively-reigning Supreme Pontiff for manifest acts of harm to the Catholic faith and faithful he is charged to safeguard. With few and only measured exceptions, the silence of the Bishops and Cardinals has been deafening.  I understand the prudence of some in the past, but the publication of Francis' letter to the Argentine bishops confirming the admission of unrepentant public adulterers to Holy Communion has begged for rebuke by someone in the hierarchy. Instead, as is frankly and astutely said by the authors, it is left to those who "are nothing in the scheme of things" to do so.

They cite no less than the Angelic Doctor as justification for this unusual statement.  To wit:

It must be observed, however, that if the faith were endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate even publicly. Hence Paul, who was Peter’s subject, rebuked him in public, on account of the imminent danger of scandal concerning faith, and, as the gloss of Augustine says on Galatians 2:11, “Peter gave an example to superiors, that if at any time they should happen to stray from the straight path, they should not disdain to be reproved by their subjects.” [Summa Theologiae, II-II, Q. 33, Art 4]

Let us pray that the bishops and priests of the world, including the Holy Father himself, will take it upon themselves to defend Christ and His Church from heresy, apostasy and destruction.

God save us.


Jane Chantal said...

Hallelujah! God bless Michael Matt, Chris Ferrara and John Vennari for putting this out there. It's about time somebody did, and I must note here with continued, deep appreciation The Remnant's magnificent Open Letter to Pope Francis of Dec. 8, 2015, which spoke so compellingly but -- predictably -- fell on deaf ears. These men are heroes.

Anonymous said...

Mister Matt,Mister Ferrara and Mister Vennari quote Saint Robert Bellarmine on resistance to a bad pope. Here is another quote from Saint Robert Bellarmine:
"A pope who is a manifest heretic automatically ceases to be pope and head,just as he ceases automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church.Wherefore,he can be judged and punished by the Church. This is the teaching of all the ancient Fathers who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction,"
De Romano Pontifice Book 2 Chapter 30
The teaching of the Church,that one must be in the state of sanctifying grace to worthily to receive Holy Communion,is this teaching not De Fide?
Tom Lozier