23 September 2016

Part II of the Liber of Accusation...

...against Francis by the Remnant and CFN can be read here.

It is absolutely devastating. It's undeniable.

The consequences... of the many horrible aspects of the Bergoglio pontificate, and of the heroic temerity of pointing them out... I wonder where we are headed. And faster and faster at that.

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Jane Chantal said...

I wonder too. My guess is that this latest from The Remnant will be (publicly) ignored by pope, who will not want to call attention to it. However, I think it inevitably will be widely noticed and discussed. When and if Catholics in sufficient numbers (including members of the hierarchy -- imo laypeople are only important to Francis as rhetorical props) come from the shadows in open, vocal, *persistent* agreement with this accusation -- that is when things may really get interesting.