06 September 2016

"The only person on the other side was Phyllis Schlafly, but that was enough."

Ann Coulter has written what I hope will be the definitive tribute to the life of the great Phyllis Schlafly.  If you don't like Ann Coulter, get over it and read this lovely and impressive obit anyway.  I would post it in full here, but it is very lengthy.  Fitting for a woman of such great accomplishment.

Catholic action is defined by Schlafly.  She used the incredible mind and character God gave her to make things better for her fellow man.  The Catholic faith was at the core of her being; without it there would have been no victory in the many fights she won. The quote in the title of this post is from one admiring scholar who summed up the defeat of the so-called "Equal Rights Amendment."  It shows how a very few brave and determined people on the side of right-- even one such person-- can win against seemingly impossible odds.  We will need to remember this example often in the near future.


Peggy said...

Well done. Gee, I guess we shouldn't hold our breaths waiting for any cause for sainthood here, eh? (Probably not since she operated in the political realm anyway.) Fun to think about. She and Mother Angelica, two of the most important Catholic women of America in the 20C. May we be strengthened to continue on the path they have blazed for us.

P said...

Ha! Did you see on the archdiocesan web site that they sponsored a walk for the Year of Mercy today--the "racial divide" silliness. It ended at the Cathedral Basilica about an hour before the Schlafly funeral was to begin. And Trump was on the scene. I bet that was a fun time.