19 October 2016

A Moment of Reckoning

I don't mind the drama or hyperbole, because this speech is, in its substance, true.  Who knows what monstrosity Hill & Friends will unleash tonight? Who knows what pre-planned Trump scandal will dominate news tomorrow? Hillary Clinton is, whether she knows it or not (and I'm not committing to an answer here), the tool of Satan. He is the father of lies, and she is an inveterate liar. Her handlers are liars. The press propaganda wings of her campaign are liars. 

I am tired of being lied to 100% of the time.


Hildebrandon said...

Pray. And pray especially that the demons who are deceiving the masses be restrained:

I bind the spirits of lying and deceit by the blood of Jesus Christ and send them to the foot of the Cross to be judged by Our Lord.

Anonymous said...

Three things: 1) That music! That's really awful. 2) This is clearly one of the few times he's actually reading a prepared speech from the teleprompter. 3) Once you get past his speaking style, which I absolutely cannot stand, then you're right, it's mostly true.


Peggy said...

Pray for his protection tonight from St Michael. Pray for the intercession of the Indomitable St Isaac Jogues, who endured much worse--for Jesus. For the innocent and good people of this nation, few as they may be, pray for Donald J Trump. Pray that the Catholic faith introduced by St Isaac et al in North America will be able to continue to flourish and gain new souls freely in this nation. Amen.

Peggy said...

A sign? Vivaelbirdos is wallowing in glory days gone by. An article today is about the 2006 nlcs v Mets. See final photo w Beltran at plate (a met then),yadi in action. Who is standing tall in the center right behind yadi in the stands? Trump!

JBQ said...

"Inveterate" to be sure.