31 October 2016

Catholic Movie Guy Podcast: Impress Your Friends! Astound Your Enemies!

If you’ve ever been curious as to what yours truly sounds like in the flesh, now’s your chance to find out.  My brother started a new weekly podcast discussing movies from a Catholic perspective called the Catholic Movie Guy Podcast.  So far we are three episodes in, and I appear on all three (comic relief, I believe). 

The podcast also answers fascinating questions like, “Who is the thetimman?”; “Did his wife like the movie?”; “Why does the movie Metropolitan figure so prominently?;” and “How many technical fouls are allowed before one is ejected from a  podcast?”

Check it out at http://catholicmovieguy.com; subscribe at http://catholicmovieguy.com/feed/podcast.  And if you’re feeling generous enough to review it (positively only, of course) on iTunes (through their podcast app), please do so. My brother thanks you.


Anonymous said...

How long before Timbro decides to review Episode I?


PMKD said...

This is SO much better than all those self-help podcasts. I really enjoy the interaction! Good work!!