21 October 2016

God Bless Donald Trump

Truthiness to Power, indeed.  Killary looks like she's imaging him floating in a river someday, soon. Like I said after the second debate, at least somebody is willing to say it to her face. Might give me some joy in the FEMA camp where they put all of us Catholics Hillary is pretending not to hate at this dinner.

And Cardinal Dolan, Your Eminence, you look a little uncomfortable.  We could use a shepherd to guard us against the wolves. Instead, we have a brash real estate investor who is forced to take up the mantle.


Long-Skirts said...

"And he finds his God forgotten, and he seeks no more a sign—
But Don John of Austria has burst the battle-line!"

traddadof4 said...

Between the Chris Matthews grilling last Spring and his statements at the Al Smith dinner, I have never seen a GOP nominee argue so forcefully and articulately the pro-life position... not even Reagan. Most of the GOP nominees, like most recently Romney, act very embarassed about their pro-Life position.

newguy40 said...

"Instead, we have a brash real estate investor who is forced to take up the mantle."

Maybe we have to take the Cincinnatus where we find him.

Jane Chantal said...

Well said, Timman.

Peggy said...

I wonder if Dolan was humming to change his focus, "Maria, I just met a girl named Maria"? He might have preferred to hop back a row and sit near the lady in red, rather than the lady in pink.

I thought Trump was angry and bitter--because he learned how quickly his NYC "friends" in high places turned on him. Dolan looked like Pilate there. Trump did not want to do this speech. Even the lighthearted jokes he hated saying. He just read it. His heart was not in it--even the angry jokes. Surely, he's spoken at rubber chicken dinners many a time. This was not a good outing for him. Yes, she was mean, too. But she had the crowd on her side--including the Cardinal, I dare say.

I just don't think it's good to do this in front of the Cardinal and at an event raising funds for Catholic Charities. It should no longer be politicized. It's up to the Cardinal to set ground rules.

Trump has risked and lost much for the sake of the average American.

Thank you Donald Trump! Now, let's get out and vote for him.

Christophe said...

Trump has tremendous courage and fortitude. All the wolves in wolves' clothing are aligned against him, and bare their teeth at him, yet he continues to fight singlehandedly and in fact relentlessly brings the battle to them. An amazing spectacle.

Long-Skirts said...

Peggy said:

"I just don't think it's good to do this in front of the Cardinal"


Rollin’ Dolan sits in the Church,
Rollin’ Dolan has a great perch.
He’s the king’s Cardinal, tis not a prank,
And the king of Rome is whom you should thank -
…let’s be frank!