09 October 2016

I Am So Glad I Finally Saw Someone Say It to Her Face

Trump killed Hillary tonight, rhetorically-speaking. Now we'll see if she actually kills him he has an unfortunate fatal accident, like most others who get in her way.

He said many necessary truths tonight; what remains to be seen is if America can handle it.

No matter what happens from here on out, she was eviscerated tonight. Feels so good.


Patricia, St. Louis said...

November...we will have a president and all this craziness will end.....to be exchanged for a new craziness!

c matt said...

As fun as it is to see Hildebeast get her hindside handed to her, I am afraid it is all according to script. Hildebeast wins first debate, Trump comes back in second to add drama to the race, Hidlebeast will win the third. Classic B action movie plot "hero" has easy (almost too easy) first battle win, then struggles in second battle, then overcomes to "win" final battle. Think Star Wars episodes 4, 5, 6 - (4) rebel alliance blows up death star (yay!); (5) evil empire grows back and all but annihilates our heroes (boo!); (6) heroes come back to finally finish off the evil empire (yay!). pathetically transparent. I don't even think Trump really wants to win - he just wants free publicity for his next gig. Ironically, the best way to screw up all their plays is to elect him.

Hildebrandon said...

It feels good, but wait for the other shoe.

Note well that Anderson grilled Trump on never making unwanted sexual advances, forcing a categorical denial from him. The smell from that exchange makes me wonder what oppo lies in wait for later this week....

Please God that the answer is "nothing," but Trump probably has other "hot mics" in his closet.

The upswing for Hillary after the debate is that now she knows, along with America, that flies are "With Her."

Peggy said...

On Cooper's Q, perhaps Trump should have asked Cooper about his on-air vulgar banter with Kathy Griffen...two 'girls' chatting in public. [They've co-hosted NY Eve on CNN for a few years now. It has been often racy and vulgar. He just giggles and enjoys it.]

And KellyAnne Conway stated firmly that many of the GOPe who are sanctimoniously abandoning Trump have been Packwoods (my word) themselves forcing themselves on young female Hill staffers. Will they push her to name names?

Lynne said...

So Trump is just playing along to promote his next gig? He's okay with having his name dragged through the mud, really? He's fine with spending so much time away from his young son, really?

Ann Barnhardtz is trying to sell this too. I'm not buying it.

Jane Chantal said...

Lynne, agreed...it strains credulity to imagine that Trump would see this grueling process merely as a way to "promote his brand".

I suppose that Ann Barnhardt would contend that he is enjoying every single aspect of what he is doing. Frankly, much as I admire Miss Barnhardt -- and I do -- I think that lately she seems a bit unhinged.

If somebody wants to contend that anyone who runs for president these days is a freak of nature -- or just a freak! -- fine. But to rave that Trump and the Clintons are actually partners orchestrating this campaign together with the objective of getting Hillary elected while elevating Trump's "brand", well...just call me a tad skeptical :-)

c matt said...

Trump has had his name dragged through the mud long before this campaign. And he gives as good as he gets, so I doubt it bothers him much.