09 October 2016

I Second Michael Matt on Trump

They don't hate Trump, they hate us. This is way bigger than Trump.


Peggy said...

I had to turn the page. I hope they get off the tape story. Ugh! That was awful to watch.

Peggy said...

Turn the "page"? How about the "channel"? Sorry about that. I became an American League baseball fan for a few hours--but I had to find it in English.

The debate got better after the first half hour, but that first part was painful to watch. NRO is really down on him of course. The wusses.

Jeannie Holler said...

I didn't watch , but I agree with Michael
Many prayers needed.
Not looking good but we do not lose hope.
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us

Anonymous said...

It seems that there are a couple of theories discarding the Who’s Line is It Anyway, the political system where everything's made up and the votes don't matter assumption.

1) Trump bumbled his way into a place where he’s a proxy for the backwards, ie sane people in this country much to the disgust to the political class. (Remnant et al)
2) Trump can be coached and actually does want to make America Great Again and is learning how to be sane (ie prolife, pro-2nd Amendment, etc)
3) Trump is really in it to lose and then will go on to his real plan: raking in the money while everything crashes and burns around Hillary (Barnhardt’s Kayfabe)
4) Trump is a plant by the Clinton Camp to make sure that they can win.
5) Trump is really a liberal who wants to win, knew he had no chance to beat Hillary in the primaries, and just is saying some good things.
6) He’s Putin’s Manchurian Candidate.

Something that came to my mind last night thinking this whole thing through from a game theory perspective. The best, least worst option in all scenarios is Trump taking the oath of office in January of the Centennial of Fatima. Even with #5, it’s still better because he’s not Hillary, at least.

If it’s either Barnhardt’s Kafabe theory or that he’s a plant from Hillary, then electing him screws things up for them…and that seems a good thing. Plus in the WWF:Votorama scenario of Barnhardt, it would leave Trump with the bag when everything falls apart. Maybe Hillary will have the last cackle?

As for #6, I like the version of Red Dawn where the Russian leader makes regular retreats to Mount Athos.


traddadof4 said...

If youre still thinking Trump made "derogatory comments about women", as in womankind, you need to watch Stefan Molyneux'x YT vid. There is a context to the comments which is being lopped off by the Trump haters (really, democracy-haters). All Fainting Couch Catholics need to watch this: