04 October 2016

Just to Note

I've expressed my concerns about exactly this scenario already.  If I'm crazy, I'm not alone.  The whole "Russians hacked the DNC" mantra that held sway around the conventions always seemed phony, particularly as the DNC staffers suspected to be involved kept being killed accidentally dying, as many who get in Hillary's way do.

Though it is difficult to accurately measure both campaigns' relative level of support, due to the absolute Pravda-style propaganda push on Hillary's behalf and media blackout of any pro-Trump or anti-Clinton news, the anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that Trump would win this thing in a landslide if the votes were fairly counted.  His rallies are huge to overflowing, she can't get her relatives to go when paid, for instance. And there is evidence the polls are manipulated with dirty sampling techniques, etc.  The "news" the media reports is not only skewed, it appears to made up out of whole cloth.

And when I predict landslide, I'm thinking the popular vote is 60%-40%.  But thetimman, what about the electoral college-- that's a tough win for any Republican?  Well, again, even with the Democrat advantages in the demographics of larger states, check out the make your own map at Real Clear Politics.  If Trump wins Iowa, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado (all likely) and  if you throw in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (within easy reach) and Michigan (possible), Trump wins by 130 electoral votes, 334-204. I said landslide and I meant landslide.  

Which makes all this distressing for the powers that be, who I'm sure are alarmed that their usual 3% jigger of fraud and tricks seems to be an inadequate firewall.

So, blame the Russians. Invalidate the election. We can't have foreign powers selecting our president!

The fact that Trump is drawing from atypical bases of support puts states into play that aren't usually in play for GOP nominees in the last quarter century.  How ironic is it that of all the states at risk of "Russian hackers", the most vulnerable just happens to be Pennsylvania.


Hildebrandon said...

Every totalitarian regime needs a bogeyman. I'm simply amazed at how many sheep still belly-up to the Two Minutes Hate when Russia is mentioned.

mary said...

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, and the moon walk was faked, the Sandy Hook kids were child actors,
LBJ killed JFK, and I just saw Elvis at the grocery store.

Hildebrandon said...

Mary, are you a troll? Or a lost member of the CTR brigade? Since you obviously weren't shown the door, perhaps you can finally tell me those three things of worth that Hillary has done to prevent our country from being run into the ground?

Otherwise, get lost.