05 October 2016

Rosary Procession at St. Francis de Sales Oratory

Last Sunday, the Oratory celebrated the external Solemnity of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary (which falls on October 7), and there was a beautiful rosary procession-- with a statue of Our Blessed Mother-- through the neighborhood.  I took the two images herein, but there is a score of much more beautiful images taken by the great Mother Crab here.  I particularly love the image which shows a neighborhood resident looking out her door and folding her hands in prayer. Just one of many reasons why such processions are necessary.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!


Dave Heath said...

All the while I lived in and around St.Louis (25+ years), I never made it into St. Francis, even after its restoration. Sad that I never did so; sadder still I'll probably never get back to correct that error.

A certain Treasure you have there, or rather, a certain Treasure the city of St. Louis has!

Peggy said...


The first Friday is the date of Lepanto--Our Lady of the Rosary.