28 October 2016

This is Appalling, Not Surprising

No two ways about it-- the purge by Pope Francis of bishops with a sense of the necessity of the worship of God in the Liturgy is a ruthless move against the Mass itself.  No more nuance, the Mass-- so attacked by the Church that should be its guardian-- is now under the "care" of a cabal of liturgical modernists.

May I take this moment to say something I have said for a long, long time?  Not in the "Look at me, I'm right!" sense, and not for my own justification.  I say the following because it is true, and because we all need to realize it. It is the key to the restoration of the Church:

The only thing that matters in all of the doctrinal and political machinations that have abounded for the last fifty-plus years is the Mass. The Traditional Mass.

And Francis knows this.

The Traditional Latin Mass, in the Roman Rite, is the absolute bulwark of the faith.  It is the guardian of the faith; it is the result of the faith, it is the embodiment of the faith. It is Tradition handed down.

In case of emergency, break glass and read Quo Primum. Study it. Be ready to use it. And pray.

And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and thou, being once converted, confirm thy brethren.  Luke 22:31-32


traddadof4 said...

"And Francis knows this. "

Maybe not so much. It is the last thing he got around to wreckovating

Long-Skirts said...


And where are the schools
The daily Mass
Lines to confess
A uniformed lass?

And where are the schools
The Latin class
Cassocked priest
Candles in brass?

And where are the schools
To strengthen souls
Shape their wills
Set the goals?

And where are the schools
The altar boy
Assisting priest
Like Christ, their joy?

And where are the schools
Oh, time you lied
A generation
Has gone and died.

And where are the schools
Which don’t derive
That two plus two
Are sometimes five?

S – S – P – X
They’re found in large
Where struggling families
Let priest take charge.

For the good of the whole
Priests’ lives are laid
So many may come
Not be afraid.

And win the Faith
From Christ-like hand…
St. Pie the Tenth
Two and two are grand!!

Anonymous said...

Vatican II sucks.

Anonymous said...

So true. The traditional Latin Mass is all that matters. Find one near you and see.

Leon Berton said...

This fellow's idiotic destructive narcissism inclines him to stand against any traces or vestiges of true continuity with the Church's past.

He is not even in favor of promoting the current rubrics in a way that might manifest any true and profound continuity with the past.