04 November 2016

A Good Reminder, If We Lose

As of this writing, things are going very well indeed for Mr. Trump-- and for us, as Gavin McInnes rightly identifies the Trump cause as us. But Mr. McInnes also reminds us that we have already won, even if we lose (or get robbed, more likely). Here is how he thinks we ought to handle such a situation (language advisory). A good article to ponder this weekend.


Hildebrandon said...

I am not pondering "losing" over the weekend - that's low energy, and worthy of a Jeb! campaign.

Democrats don't think this way, which is why they constantly beat us at the psy-ops game.

I'm pondering a landslide for Trump - and a pair of handcuffs for Madam Secretary.


ATW said...

While this proposal has a certain appeal, especially to my baser instincts, I thought we already had a Plan:

Daily Rosary
Brown Scapular
Five First Saturdays

After all, are enemies are primarily spiritual. Somehow, I can't see St. Lawrence, St. Thomas More, or Our Lady of Fatima adopting or recommending these tactics, but I could be wrong.

Then again, I like Hidebrandon's outlook.

c matt said...

The way I see it, this is simply round 1 of a long "Rocky" series. "Rocky X" isn't even in production yet. But the first step has been accomplished - destruction of the GOP establishment. The Dem establishment is next.

Hildebrandon said...

thetimman, I kept that HIGH ENERGY going for you, even if you thought about losing.

We have slain the Hildebeast.