23 November 2016

Answering Spadaro, Tobin, Cupich and Their Ilk: St. Edmund Campion

“In condemning us you condemn all your own ancestors - all the ancient priests, bishops and kings - all that was once the glory of England, the island of saints, and the most devoted child of the See of Peter. For what have we taught, however you may qualify it with the odious name of treason, that they did not uniformly teach? To be condemned with these lights… by their degenerate descendants, is both gladness and glory to us. God lives; posterity will live; their judgement is not so liable to corruption as that of those who are now going to sentence us to death.”

--Saint Edmund Campion, at his sentencing, 1581

Cum autem tradent vos nolite cogitare quomodo aut quid loquamini dabitur enim vobis in illa hora quid loquamini. Non enim vos estis qui loquimini sed Spiritus Patris vestri qui loquitur in vobis.

Matthew 10:19-20


Long-Skirts said...


There is a Rock
Upon we’re built
That evil men
Will sometimes tilt
And though they vex us
To the hilt
We never leave
Reject or jilt
We daily kneel
In His Blood spilt
To weigh down Rock
Of golden-gilt
And as they sink
In their sin’s silt
As though He built
On one lone stilt
Upon this Rock
His voice, love’s-lilt
We stand our ground –
Do what Thou wilt!

thetimman said...


Christophe said...

Ditto Thomas More at his trial: "If the Number of Bishops and Universities were so material as his Lordship seemed to make it; then, my Lord, I see no reason why that thing should make any Change in my Conscience: for I doubt not, but of the learned and virtuous Men now alive, I do not speak only of this Realm, but of all Christendom, there are ten to one of my mind in this matter; but if I should take notice of those learned Doctors and virtuous Fathers that are already dead, many of whom are Saints in Heaven, I am sure there are far more, who all the while they lived thought in this case as I do now. And therefore, my Lord, I do not think my self bound to conform my Conscience to the Counsel of one Kingdom, against the general Consent of all Christendom.

Long-Skirts said...

"...with Saint Hilary the words: “May I always be in exile, if only the truth begins to be preached again!”"

H/T Rorate Coeli