19 November 2016

Good Morning!

Too much, and not enough, going on to post constructively. The reign of Francismercy continues on a collision course with the truth and its consequences. The dubia of the four Cardinals sits, not really answered, as Banquo's Ghost while a new consistory of cardinals occurs. And don't I know that posting snide comments on the internet isn't really intellectual engagement?

Of course, for some reason we are not to notice or wonder about, the new cardinals must go and see the Pope Emeritus.  For his blessing? Approval? Personal whim? No matter. In all of the consistories of Pope Francis, Benedict has been present. Don't ask why. Such questions are idle.

Like I said, not enough and yet plenty. There is a rumor about today that the Apostolic letter to be issued by the Pope to mark the close of his Year of Francismercy will contain a present-- maybe a prelature-- to the SSPX.  Such rumors are always wrong, until the day they are right.  We shall see.

Watch and pray. Enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather. Until next week...

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