09 November 2016

Praise God; Let Us Use This Time Well

Good morning, everyone! I am still feeling quite unwell, but wanted to write a brief post to mark the day. Call it a miracle, call it answered prayers, call it a four-year reprieve from a God that is so good to us who don't deserve it.  Anyway you slice it, though the country wins, the biggest winners are American Catholics. 

No matter what policy Trump is able to enact, or not-- no matter what opposition and world crises-- we have a four-year break from a government that specifically and overtly targets Catholics (or at least their faith) for extinction. Hillary Clinton will not name any Supreme Court justice. She will not issue a single executive order. She will not have the next four years to continue to destabilize a society that makes the free practice of our faith possible.

It takes a village? How do you homeschoolers feel right now?

Picking fights with a nuclear superpower?  Not so much now.

The high priestess of baby murder will not be there to spirit cook us for the next four years.

And of course Trump may very well succeed on his promised policies. If he were defeated, of course the chance for a policy that puts the nation state ahead of the globalist cabal would have no chance. Before you say he can't or won't succeed, consider the last two years.

And say what you will, Trump ran a brave campaign. His bravery was on display. If he lost, his business interests would have suffered-- you don't think Killary and her minions would have let his scorn and derision of her go unpunished? As it is his life has been and will be in danger. He needs our prayers.

How long have we prayed for deliverance from our enemies, and that our deserved chastisement be lessened or even pass?  We had best be grateful. We had best practice our faith and do good while we have the chance.

I thank Our Lord, and His Holy Mother, for this victory-- the result of so many rosaries, novenas, sacrifices and prayers. Let us not waste the time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I am so tired of all the handwringing. Special session to repeal Obamacare and great Supreme Court Justice are around the corner. I am going to send cake down on a piece of string to all those who have crawled into a cave. It's a happy day. Thank God. I've never prayed so hard for a candidate in my life. God is good.


Lynne said...

Amen! More time for us to sanctify our lives and families, thank God!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I hope you feel better.

Sam said...

It's a shame that you were unable to display the same grace and good manners that President Obama and Secretary Clinton displayed this morning. It's all about character.

Andrew said...

Amen Brother! And while we are continuing to press in in prayer that we might build a Christian nation in the midst of such a thoroughly pagan one, we might also redouble our efforts to MAKE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH GREAT AGAIN!

Hold our Bishops and Priests accountable for the atrocious failure of the past 50 years! They want respect - they can do like everyone else and EARN it! How do they earn it - by executing the responsibilities given to them by God in a just, faithful manner. ENOUGH FAILURE, enough of the (human, mainstream part of the) Church being "nice". Be the Church Militant!! Fight against the world, the flesh and the devil. Cooperate with divine grace and attain Heaven in the next life by being saints in this life!


mary said...

"The system is rigged." Donald Trump's own words. He ought to know. If it's rigged, he's the one that rigged it. Note that the Dems didn't go there, but Trump certainly would have.So, tim man it's time to drop the conspiracy nonsense.

Peggy said...

Praise God! The tyranny shall come to an end--at least for now.
Trump et al need to get through as much as they can before the next interims in case the majorities are lost. Do what Obama did. And remind the Dems: "I won."

Feel better.

DJR said...

Sam said... It's a shame that you were unable to display the same grace and good manners that President Obama and Secretary Clinton displayed this morning. It's all about character.

"Grace," "good manners," and "character."

Killing unborn babies and then slicing their bodies up and selling the pieces is the "grace," "good manners," and "character" the two charlatans mentioned above stand for.

Disgustingly vile.

Tim, hope you are on the mend. I suggest some Chartreuse and, afterwards, Ted Drewes.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

God heard a lot of prayers, and He heard His Mother interceding for all the babies now warm in their mamas wombs. Contrary to totalitarians, It Takes Families To Raise A Village, and It Takes Holy Families To Raise A Holy Village. God blest America, and I did not weep on an election nite. Deo Gratias! Guy McClung, San Antonio, TX

Jimmy said...

This just proves that our god is not perfect because Obama was an answer to MY prayers and now he's changed his mind and decided to answer yours. It is good to know, at least, that if you pray hard enough, you can change God's mind.

c matt said...

It's a shame that you were unable to display the same grace and good manners that President Obama and Secretary Clinton displayed this morning.

You're right Sam - let me quote Obama:

"We won."

c matt said...

Honestly, the most that can be said about God's take on any American election is that He let's us choose the punishment we want.