29 December 2016

Did I Mention He's an Idiot??

And dangerous? And reckless?

I apologize if I have been unclear.

Typical, feckless Democrat foreign policy. Talk tough, get in a bind, blame it on someone else. He is really spoiling for WWIII before Trump can get in office; since Operation Hillary failed spectacularly, the masters must find another way.

Hey, media, why not report something instead of functioning as the DNC party propaganda office?


How I loathe Democrats said...

"Idiot" was my first thought too. Only it was prefaced with !#$@!&!.

traddadof4 said...

The left has just decided to go all in on a theory that would explain trump's victory by something other than his superior attractiveness to the voters. So they grabbed the handy historic animosity to Russia. If the Russia theory were not available they would blame the anti-American elements in the alt-right.

Aged parent said...

Many Republican idiots too, like John McCain, Miss Lindsey Graham and others are in the forefront of this war-mongering operation. Democrats and Republicans are both equally loathsome. And insane.