27 December 2016

Feast of St. John

We pray to thee, O holy Apostle! for the Church of God. She was planted and watered by thy labours, embalmed with the celestial fragrance of thy virtues, and illumined by thy sublime teachings; - pray now, that these graces may bring forth their fruit, and that, to the end of her pilgrimage, faith may be firm, the love of Jesus fervent, and christian morals pure and holy. Thou tellest us, in thy Gospel, of a saying of thy Divine Master: I will not now call you my Servants, but my Friends [John 15:15]: pray, dear Saint, that there may come to this, from our hearts and lips, a response of love and courage, telling our Emmanuel, that, like thyself, we will follow him whithersoever he leads us.

--from The Liturgical Year. A very timely prayer for our Church, in the midst of crisis.

On this day also, traditionally, is the blessing of wine, in honor of St. John's deliverance from poison. There is still the opportunity tonight at St. Francis de Sales Oratory after 6:30pm Mass. More info on the custom generally, here.

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