22 December 2016

Mother Miriam's Community Told to Leave Tulsa Diocese by New Bishop

Very sad news, though Mother Miriam (you may remember her in her previous "life" as Rosalind Moss, the noted Catholic apologist) will take it for what it is-- part of God's plan for her order.  This hits home to me, as Mother Miriam has always been so kind to me and so encouraging about this blog. I remember her periodic visits to St. Francis de Sales with joy.  

And now this. Well, friends, the wheels they are a-turning. Keep the faith in charity and be hopeful until they stop. Then we will see if Our Lord is not on top.


PMKD said...

Will Clear Creek be next? I think they reside in the same diocese.

M. Prodigal said...

This new Francisbishop is what we can expect until this pontificate ends.

chantgirl said...

God bless her and lead her to greener pastures. She is the woman who convinced me to homeschool.

This is a bad move, pastorally. Think of all the laity who donated and worked to provide the sisters with their home.I imagine there are a lot of very hard feelings.